MASC IT specializes in Vessel IT & is Dedicated to Crew Welfare

MASC IT not only specialize in the Vessel IT, but also have the experience to back it up. With over 20 years doing vessel IT, and a combined knowledge of 40 years from just Management we can easily say that we have more experience than most regular IT companies.

Why choose Us.

Over the years we have done many installations in the timeframe set by our customers and have never left a job that was not completed. As one of the only companies in the world, we sail with the vessels if required.

Our Mission.

To give ship owners / managers and their crew the best possible solutions for Vessel IT and Crew Welfare while still making them as affordable as possible.

What we Do.

We design systems and solutions, develop software and make sure that these get implemented the best way possible onboard our customers vessels.

Our customers include:

MASC IT Services

Systems Design

We help our customers design the systems that they have invisioned and make improvements.

Vessel IT implementations

We implement our own and customer systems onboard the customers vessels and make sure everything is as it should be.


Upgrades and Service of Inmarsat products around the world.

VEssel IT Support

Does your company have too many vessels to manage IT wise? We are here to help you out, with our Team Vessel IT Supporters.

Crew welfare

REVMAsea and Callisto in one box, allowing the Crew to have onboard entertainment and call home in the privacy of the cabin.

Software Development

Is your company in need of some new software or modifications to an existing software, then let us help you.

We Partnered with

As a distributor and service partner we are able to give our customers the best possible VSAT & TVRO Solutions

Pleasure Boats

Internet and TV on Yachts

Enhance your at sea connectivity with a satellite broadband network. Expertly designed solutions and tools all seamlessly integrated into one connectivity package.

Cruise Ships

Wifi for Passenger Cruise Ships

Let your crew and passengers benefit from reliable and cost-efficient solutions for wireless Internet, voice services, shore-to-ship communications, crew calling and Internet cards.


VSAT for Fishery / Workboats

Fishing vessels can go to sea for months at a time and the environment can be extremely hazardous, making communication for operational performance and the crew's welfare

Merchant Navy

Broadband on Merchant Vessels

Advanced communication solutions help you digitalise your operations, enhance overall business efficiency and support crew morale and loyalty..

Naval Vessels

Satcom solutions for Naval ships

Understanding the demands of naval vessels, EPAK has designed its marine satcom antennas to withstand the most demanding sea conditions and deliver dependable, always-on connectivity.

Offshore Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Offshore connectivity

Downtime on an oil rig comes at an exorbitant cost. Advanced communication solutions help you digitalise your operations and enhance overall...


What Clients say?

We sent MASC IT to the desert to fix our Rig IT, and sorted out the mess that we had and they made it secure and running smoothly.

Rod Green Arabian Drilling Services LLC.

The Crew Welfare solution is by far the best I have seen!

BO Haarbaek POST Lu.

Even though we have our own people, we would never have made our projects a reality without MASC IT!

Steen Petersen STP Data.

Masc Innovation

N95 Mask Production

Face Mask Production

Automated N95 & Disposable Mask Production

Each of the machines have a 4.3 million mask production capacity per year. The machines hardly require human interaction.

Learn more


Stanless Steel construction, which is easy to disinfect

Comes with sink, contactless faucet, soap dispenser and paper holder. Trash and cream dispensers can be selected. Available as cold or hot water
For Maritime Use SS316 is available

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N95 Mask Production
N95 Mask Production

Production Automation

Eliminate Costs and Enhance Productivity with Robotic Process Automation

Get more done with less people by bringing Robots into your production

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